NYC Preaching Outreach

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NYC Preaching Outreach is an organization operated by the three Christadelphian ecclesias in New York City- Brooklyn, Manhattan and South Ozone Park.
We operate Bible seminars, special Gospel talks, deeper Bible studies; and also operate the This Is Your Bible Public Access TV program.  Christadelphians worship in NYC at the locations listed here.

This is your Bible

Welcome to our TV program

Ever fancied getting to grips with the Bible? This is for you .... View latest installments here


Installment topics


  • What is the Gospel ?–Pts 1 & 2
  • Why Jesus have to die?
  • Did Jesus pre-exist?
  • Trinity is not found in the Bible!
  • Should we pray through Mary or Jesus?
  • Natural disasters Pts. 1 & 2
  • God is still in Control – Pts 1& 2

                                                              ….. and more


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Program This is your Bible

BCAT station on Sundays 6.30 PM Brooklyn Free Speech Channel Two



This is your Bible" is aired weekly on
TV Public Access stations:
QPTV Channel 35, Verizon Fios 43
On Thursdays 1.00 PM and Sundays 8.30 PM
BCAT Channel on Sundays 6.30 PM
Warner 35; Cable Vision 68, Verizon Fios 43

CONTACT US:   718-322-8260