Who are the Christadelphians?

Who are the Christdelphians?

The name "Christadelphians" means "brethren in Christ". It has been used to distinguish the community for more than 120 years
Christadelphians are a religious group who base our beliefs wholly on the Bible, regarding it as fully inspired by God, and hence believe it is error free. The name "Christadelphian" was first used in the mid-1800s, but we believe that there have been people who share our beliefs throughout history. We are confidently waiting for Christ to return to earth when he will set up the Kingdom of God.

NYC Preaching Outreach is an organization operated by the three Christadelphian ecclesias in New York City- Brooklyn, Manhattan and South Ozone Park. We operate Bible seminars, special Gospel talks, deeper Bible studies; and also operate the This Is Your Bible Public Access TV program.

Our beliefs are:

The Bible – both Old and New Testaments, is the only source of knowledge about God and his purpose with mankind. It is inspired by God and is a true account, apart from errors of translation and transcription.
God – is the only, all-powerful, all-knowing and invisible but everywhere- present Creator of the Universe. He is wholly good, true, loving and compassionate, but will not tolerate any challenge to his authority.
3 The Holy Spirit – is the power by which God works.
Jesus Christ – is the only son of God, born of the virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit. He was a human being, subject to all the same sufferings and temptations as others. But he was the only one who overcame his human nature by submitting completely to his Father’s will, and never sinned. He reflected the character of his Father, showing his glory.
He willingly allowed himself to be crucified; God raised him bodily from the dead, and he is now immortal, free from the temptation to sin, the first of God’s new creation.
He ascended to heaven, where he is now the only mediator between human beings and God, when they pray for help and forgiveness.
He will return to the earth to raise the dead and judge all whom God considers to be responsible to judgment. Those rejected will be destroyed, and those accepted will be blessed with immortality like the Lord Jesus.
He will then set up the Kingdom of God in which he will be king, ruling the whole world from Jerusalem, until God’s purpose is fulfilled, all evil destroyed and the earth is at peace, full of the glory of God.
Human beings – were created in the image of God, very good, but given free will to choose whether to obey him. They chose to disobey, thereby bringing on themselves and their descendants the punishment of death. But God, in his mercy, provided a way of escape from eternal death through faith in Christ Jesus.
Baptism – is the way for people to show that they understand their need to be saved from sin and death, and that they believe their sins will be forgiven through Jesus. It is a symbol of death and resurrection, being a complete immersion in water, and the start of a new life.
The Christian life – is one in which believers, as brothers and sisters in Christ, try to show their love for God and the Lord Jesus by loving each other, praying, and breaking bread together in celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection. It involves trying to reflect the character of the Lord Jesus in words and actions to other people so that they too will believe.
The devil/Satan - is the evil principle in human nature, which scriptures declare as “sin in the flesh.” The devil/satan is not a supernatural being or a fallen angel. The devil/satan can be understood in Scripture as human, holy angelic beings, political or a religious adversary, or even God Himself acts as an adversary or Satan in various cases. The context will usually determine the adversary the devil/satan. Demons in Scripture refer to idols or mental illness and disease.
Hell (Hebrew: sheol, Greek: hades) - is the name for the grave or the unconscious state into which death resolves all mortal men. It is not a place of fiery torment for immortal souls.
10 The Kingdom of God – is to be established on the earth at the end of the tribulation where Messiah will rule and reign. This is the hope of the Christian and the Gospel which Messiah preached. Entrance into the Kingdom will be through resurrection or transformation. No one goes to heaven when they die. Our hope is to be with Him on this earth living life eternal with Him serving God and each other.